The Eagle Has Landed

Take Flight, Oil on Canvas, Travis Shilling

When an eagle appears we must pay attention. Be brave and do not fear your current situation, but rather reach higher and become more than anyone ever believed possible. Let go of the habits that no longer serve you, allowing room for new and wonderful things. Find patience in the present knowing the future holds opportunities we might not be able to see yet. All good things take time.

The Eagle Has Landed, Watercolour, Travis Shilling

Now is the moment for us to come together, fly in the same skies, and create a new consciousness where all people, animals and planets are treated with respect. When we learn from the past we protect the future.

The Eagle and the Octopus, Oil on Canvas, Travis Shilling

We come to the eagle for strength and wisdom. When life is difficult you can let it hold you back or you can change with it, using it as an opportunity to make you stronger as you find new ways to survive. There is beauty in survival when art becomes your way of surviving. We are all artists now.