A Look Back

After starting Otter Art Club as a way to get youth off their screens and into a studio we were unsure if the club would be able to make the transition online. This year has taught us that sometimes you need to let go of old ideas to make room for a new vision. In 2021 Travis and Naomi welcomed over 550 Youth and Adults to our virtual Art Club and with the help of our community we delivered professional art supplies to over 400 people in our community.

In 2021 we began working with adults at the Georgian Bay Native Woman's Association and the Barrie Area Native Advisory Circle which led us to develop our first Adult Program called Crow Road. This program helps lead us on a path of healing and recovery. We cannot find our purpose if we sit on the path, we must walk it. We will walk it together.

As we plan our upcoming year at Otter, we are filled with excitement and look forward to watching new plans take shape. Anything and everything is possible.